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A real security solution

I, Andre Mundell want to share a story about Security Solutions That highlights the disparity between an independent security risk assessment and one conducted by a security provider. Several years ago, we received a call from a new client facing a troubling pattern. Criminals had seized a guard on the premises, using his radio to locate and overpower the rest of the security team. This enabled them to carry out multiple thefts, resulting in significant asset losses. Despite changing security

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A Soft approach to crime doesn’t work.

The widespread lack of awareness Security Risk Consultant – About risk assessments and current crime trends among individuals and property owners is a concerning issue. Many rely solely on filtered news and media portrayals for their understanding, which often downplay the harsh realities of criminal activity. This tendency to minimize or sugarcoat crime stems from a misconception that direct information might be alarming or unpalatable. However, the truth is that crime is a harsh and often violent reality. Crime and

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Are you in the drivers seat when it comes to security?

What exactly is Security Risk Assessment – What is a Security Risk – Why invest in a Security Risk Assessment – Who should consider getting a Security Risk Assessment? Security Risk Assessment is an important discussion to have with your independent risk consultant. – These are the 4 questions we have been answering for past 20 years, but in the same breath, we should ask: Why do people seek medical advice from doctors – What urges financial companies to undergo

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A Security talk with your partner.

I wanted to talk about something that’s been on my mind lately. Security Risk Consultant  – You know how we’ve got all these security measures in place at home? Well, it’s great and all, but I’ve realized it might not be enough to keep our children truly safe. So, I did some digging on the internet and found out about something called a security risk assessment. These experts visit your home, inspect everything, and then tell you what needs to

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The complexity of residential Estates.

Security of Residential Estates When it comes to security in residential estates, it is a lot more complicated than most people think it is. This is mainly because estates are managed as businesses would be managed. An estate is a mixture of homes, and a business, thus will be assessed as a business. Over the last 20 years, we have conducted numerous assessments on residential estates, and we have learned a lot about the security portfolio for these estates. Technically,

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Security is Infinite

Security consultant– Security is infinite, it is not something that starts somewhere and stops somewhere. Allow me to explain. When you start a new business, you want to start it and keep it running while it is growing. You do not want to start just to stop a few months later. Anyone who owns a business or even a house will know that it takes constant work to keep it going. When something breaks, you need to fix it. You

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There is a reason that we say that crime is too late.

The reason why we say that crime is too late-This message is aimed at Estates, homeowners, as well as corporate companies. We have been to many crime scenes where the victims apologize to us and tell us that they never knew about a security risk assessment.  If they only knew about it, things would have been very different. We are all over the internet and we have said in many of our communications that knowledge is power. When it comes

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Vehicle Window Security – AKA Smash and grab tinting

We always focus on security measures for our homes, businesses, properties, Estates, and so on. However, we seem to neglect vehicle security even though many of us spend most of our time in transit. Sometimes you will drive alone. Other times, it will be the entire family. Or maybe you are doing the school run to and from school with a bunch of children in your car. The fact of the matter is that we forget about window security. Although

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Product Assessment Vs Independent Risk Assessment

Understanding the Difference Between a Product Assessment as Provided by a Security Company and an Independent Security Consultant An offer to assess the physical security of a property has become a mere “money-making tool” and a simple sales booster for Security Companies, vendors and installers. This sort of assessment is not a full Security Risk Assessment but actually a Product Assessment. The assessor determines solutions according to their inventory, aiming to persuade the end-user to purchase various security items from

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Security Risk in the Workplace

The Importance of Considering Security & Security Risk in the Workplace Too many businesses have neglected to fully consider security in the workplace, and their security risk, because nothing has happened . . . yet. Security is seen as an unnecessary expenditure or a grudge purchase. Therefore, usually the first to go when the budget is reviewed. IT security risk is often viewed as of much more importance and value. Thousands upon thousands are spent by companies to protect their

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Security Consultant Independent Assessor

Independent Business Security Risk Assessment

The Independent Business Security Risk Assessment can be beneficial to the experienced Security Manager Experienced Security Managers may oppose or overlook the benefits of an external, Independent Security Consultant in Business Security Risk Assessment. The Consultant is not undermining the Security Manager’s position but should be seen as an ally providing valuable knowledge and advice. The information from the Security Risk Assessment can be used not only to the Security Manager’s great benefit but for the company and even in

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Security Risk Assessment: The Necessity of this Report

The Security Risk Assessment is the first step in taking control of your security Recently, we became aware that the US has started to legislate the requirement for a Security Risk Assessment or Threat Assessment before sanctioning and implementing any security installations and upgrades. In fact, conducting a Security Risk Assessment is the correct and best approach to address security concerns, as it reveals all vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your security status. Once these potential risks and threats are identified

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The Importance of Confidentiality

Security Risk Assessment Confidentiality – Confidentiality is paramount. When clients commission us to conduct a full Threat & Security Risk Assessment on a property, we ensure that we provide them with a complete, honest, and accurate overview of their security status. We positively identify and explain all weaknesses and vulnerabilities that create opportunities for crime. Based on these findings, we derive a comprehensive Security Plan and supply various extensively researched solutions to address the problem areas. Due to the fact

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Changing Security: What the independent Risk Assessor Can Provide

Risk Assessor-Our approach to crime and security differs greatly from the norm, and many companies strongly oppose our Security Risk Assessment method. However, our approach has proven to be more accurate in the long run. While healthy disagreement can lead to new ideas, too many individuals are resistant to change. One could presume that this is a South African trait, as it seems to be quite common and widespread. This is actually unfortunate as security and crime prevention needs to

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Defense Against Unexpected Attack – Security likened to 3 Man Chess

Security Risk Assessments – We frequently use analogies to explain security and the Security Risk Assessments, as this aids in understanding. One successful analogy is likening it to the unique and complex game of 3 Man Chess or Triad chess. In traditional chess, a player defends their pawns from attack by a single opponent. Winning requires correct application of logic and strategy, predicting the opponent’s moves. However, in 3 Man Chess, unexpected strikes are more likely because there are multiple

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Independent Security Consultants

At the heart of our service of the Security Risk Assessment, as Independent Security Consultants. The need to provide you with accurate advice regarding the what, how, when and where of your individual security needs. We are 100% focused on providing you with up-to-date recommendations for cost effective and highly flexible solutions. The solutions are individually tailored to suit your unique security requirements. As the only Independent Security Consultants in South Africa, we can guarantee that we will provide you

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