Security Risk in the Workplace

The Importance of Considering Security & Security Risk in the Workplace

Too many businesses have neglected to fully consider security in the workplace, and their security risk, due to the fact that that nothing has happened . . . yet. Security is seen as an unnecessary expenditure or a grudge purchase and is therefore usually the first to go when the budget is reviewed. IT security risk is often viewed as of much more importance and value. Thousands upon thousands are spend by companies to protect their valuable data and the details of their clientele from hackers or fraudsters. What does this help if your server and all your workstations are stolen due to the fact that your physical security is not up to par or may have been neglected?

Security Risk Assessment ISCSA Alwinco Independent Security Risk Consultants - Cost Stabilization Chart Risk Assessment Security in the Workplace
Independent Security Risk Assessment: Cost Stabilization Chart

By having a Security Risk Assessment commissioned, company management will be provided with the means in which to better plan budgets in regards to security. Spending becomes more stabilised and the Security Plan allows for solutions to be implemented in phases over time. Unnecessary costs incurred by ineffective security measures and failures will be eliminated from the get-go. The Independent Security Risk Assessment report further provides the means in which to measure security and security risk. Additionally this valuable tool makes this concept communicable. In this case the Security Threat Assessment report becomes a necessity to the Security Manager.

Security Risk Assessment ISCSA Alwinco Independent Security Risk Consultant Security in The Workplace Crime Prevention Understanding Security Security Advisor
Independent Security Risk Assessment Report in Hand

The investigation and analysis of your security status does not only involve the actual physical structure of the site, security hardware or procedures that are in place but also considers the ‘human element’ which is often overlooked by other assessors. The attitude and actions of the employees can affect the overall status of the company’s security risk greatly. With the correct training in regards to Security Awareness and a conscious mindset of the accepted responsibility of security by the employees, the entire status of security will be all the more stronger and will allow for crime to be proactively and effectively prevented before an incident occurs.


The key to security is not what equipment you may make use of to protect your business or even the Security Officer at the gate, but the actual control thereof. This also includes willpower, good management and planning. The Security Risk Assessment provides a strong, solid foundation on which to build your security both in the present and into future. Solutions are purely based on the outcome of the investigation phase of the assessment and specifically tailored and thoroughly researched to provide your company with a unique and workable security fit.

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