The Importance of Confidentiality

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When we are commissioned to conduct a full Threat & Security Risk Assessment on a property for a client, we ensure that we present them with a full, honest and accurate overview of their security status. All weaknesses and vulnerabilities present that create an opportunity for a crime to occur are positively identified and explained it full.  A comprehensive Security Plan is then derived upon these findings and various solutions that are extensively researched to remedy the problem areas are supplied. Due to the fact that the rollout of such projects are usually large and consist of various factors, these solutions are provided in such a manner so that they can occur over a period of time. This in turn also assists in better budget planning for necessary upgrades and relevant installations.

All this information needs to be kept highly classified as divulgence of any part will increase the risk and can be used by organised criminals to plan their attack. Before the commencement of the assessment, we as the assessing party will ensure that these documents are in place and signed as we take the matter of confidentiality very seriously. The identity of our clients and the details of the Security Risk Assessment are never shared or revealed to anyone, even for self promotional purposes.

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When conducting research into the best security solutions for each individual Security Risk Assessment, it is often required that we consult 3rd parties or experts within various fields of the security realm for more information and advice. Any additional costs that this may incur are covered fully by us and will not affect the initial pricing structure in the proposal as accepted and agreed upon by our clients. Before any details are provided for such recommendations, these external parties must also sign the necessary nondisclosure documents.

Although we do our utmost to protect this valuable information on behalf of our clients and consequently our reputation, the client must realise that this is actually a shared, joint responsibility. In the past we have found that some corporate entities have published their Security Threat Assessments (in full or in part) online and some have even revealed which solutions have been implemented and which still need to occur. The latter clearly indicates which problem areas have not been rectified and since these details could be considered as public domain once published, it therefore accessable to anyone with access to a computer or a smart device. Through the clever usage of keywords typed into a search engine, this can be obtained by any criminal and used to his / her advantage. Attack points can be planned as the vulnerabilities are clearly evident and have been literally handed to the lawbreaker on a silver platter.

Written by Andre Mundell

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