The Importance of Confidentiality

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Security Risk Assessment Confidentiality – Confidentiality is paramount. When clients commission us to conduct a full Threat & Security Risk Assessment on a property, we ensure that we provide them with a complete, honest, and accurate overview of their security status. We positively identify and explain all weaknesses and vulnerabilities that create opportunities for crime. Based on these findings, we derive a comprehensive Security Plan and supply various extensively researched solutions to address the problem areas. Due to the fact that the rollout of such projects is usually large and consists of various factors, these solutions are provided in such a manner that they can occur over a period of time. This in turn also assists in better budget planning for necessary upgrades and relevant installations.

classified information

This information must be highly classified to mitigate risk and prevent organized criminals from using it to plan attacks. Before starting the assessment, we ensure these documents are in place and signed, as we prioritize confidentiality. We never share our clients’ identities or assessment details, even for self-promotion.

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When conducting research into the best security solutions for each individual Security Risk Assessment, we often need to consult third parties or experts in various fields of the security realm for additional information and advice.
We fully cover any additional costs incurred, and they will not affect the initial pricing structure proposed and agreed upon by our clients. Before any details are provided for such recommendations, these external parties must also sign the necessary nondisclosure documents.

clients must recognize shared responsibility

While we strive to safeguard clients’ valuable information and uphold our reputation, clients must recognize that they share this responsibility. Unfortunately, some corporate entities have published their Security Threat Assessments online, revealing implemented solutions and areas still needing attention. This makes problem areas easily identifiable to anyone with internet access, potentially aiding criminals in planning attacks.

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.Written by André Mundell Security risk coonsultant Alwinco

All across Gauteng (including Pretoria, Johannesburg, Country View, Sandton, and Lanseria), Langenhoven Park, Bluff, and Cape Town, we conduct security risk assessments for residences, companies, industrial estates, farms, and structures.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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