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You cannot reverse the effects of crime. Crime cannot be undone.

Now, you might ask what type of clients make use of a Security Risk Assessment, and the answer is explained as follows:

Security Risk Consultant Clientele: Reflecting the content’s focus on various client categories and utilizing Security Assessments.

Security Risk Consultant Clientele:

Here we provide ten different clients that make use of Independent Security  consultant South Africa.

  • The first type of client utilizing a Security Risk Assessment is typically an international client with headquarters overseas, often in countries like Europe or the United States. They rely on independent Security Risk Assessors. Read more about the services we can offer to you the client.
  • The second type of client seeks to upgrade their security structure and seeks advice on the best options. They often turn to an independent Risk Assessor when overwhelmed with proposals and uncertain about the best choice.
  • The third type of client we commonly encounter are those who have tried various security solutions, including the latest technology, but still face persistent security issues. They continue to face security issues or become victims of crime despite investing sizeable sums, sometimes millions, as salespeople advise.
  • The fourth type of client that we deal with usually approaches us when they do not understand the proposal that they receive from the security companies. They contact us to conduct a Security Risk Assessment on their property to try to establish what they really need.
  • The fifth type of client that we deal with is mostly businesses that struggle to come to a decision regarding what security approach they should take. They often request an independent viewpoint to assist them with their decisions. types of clients
  • The sixth type of client that approaches us is typically the client who has never experienced crime before and suddenly finds themselves being targeted. When the security provider cannot answer questions, they call us in to conduct an assessment.
  • The seventh type of client we handle is the victim’s friends or family seeking answers about an incident’s cause. They ask for a Security Risk Assessment to pinpoint responsibility for security failures and consider preventive measures.
  • The eight type of clients want to understand when security stops and safety starts.
  • The ninth type of client and also the most common type of client we deal with do not like to spend money on a security risk assessment, but in the end, it costs them 4 times more compared to what the original assessment would have cost when they try to secure their property their own way. When all else fails, they ask us to fix the mess.
  • The last type of clients that want to make the security portfolio court-ready. When the defending party requests proof of the incident, it must be available, and the source must be reliable. The necessary paperwork that supports the story and the information must be researchable/traceable.

Clients are from all walks of life. We deal with farmers, CEOs, businessmen, estates, warehouses, residential homes, schools, universities, gated communities, shopping centers, and so on.

In short, the above describes the types of clients and why they would utilize a Security Risk Assessor. Written by Andre Mundell.

If you think security is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance

Now, why would a security company use an Independent Security Risk Assessor?
  • In the first instance, most security companies approach us when they are in the process of losing one of their flagship contracts. If things go wrong and their client is looking out for someone else, these security companies call on us to assist them to find a way to win the flagship client back. When we conduct a Security Risk Assessment, everyone is on the same security page and speaks the same security language. Clients tend to listen to us because we are independent, and we offer a completely different viewpoint compared to the security company.
  • Secondly, security companies want to ensure that their contracts with their most prominent clients are secured. These security companies will then offer Security Risk Assessments to their clients and will approach an independent Security Risk Assessment Consultancy, like Alwinco, to conduct these assessments.
  • We have also noticed that security companies approach us when they want to “win” a tender.

All the best, … till we speak again ………

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Written by Andre Mundell

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