Security is Infinite

Security consultant– Security is infinite, it is not something that starts somewhere and stops somewhere.

Allow me to explain.

When you start a new business, you want to start it and keep it running while it is growing. You do not want to start just to stop a few months later.

Anyone who owns a business or even a house will know that it takes constant work to keep it going. When something breaks, you need to fix it. You need to consistently put the work in.

Another example is marriage. You do not meet someone and fall in love just to stop. Nor do you get married and then that is the end of it. Marriage takes continuous work to make a success of it. 

Security is the same. It needs constant attention, dedication, and input.

The scary thing is that most people think that security is something that you buy, install, and then forget about.

It takes a lot of time, tweaks, and adjustments to get it right, and even then, you need to continuously make sure that everything is running smoothly.


Security also boils down to willpower. How much willpower do you have to keep your family, friends, colleagues, and so on, safe?

We always say that the entity with the greatest willpower will be successful. This goes for law-abiding citizens and criminals alike.

When you have the willpower to ensure that your security structure runs smoothly and that you are in control of it, you will succeed, and it will carry on into infinity.

Understanding that security does not stop is a huge leap in the right direction. Further understanding that you need to identify your security risk and ensure that these risks are covered with suitable solutions, puts you a few steps ahead of the criminals.

Security = Teenager / Crime = Water

Security is like a teenager, it has growing pains and attitude, but once you have tweaked it enough to make sure it functions as it should, you are set to go.

In addition to this, we also state that crime is like water, always flowing down the path of least resistance.

Your solutions might keep the water out, and force it to go somewhere else, but the water will not stop flowing against your walls, so you constantly need to make sure that your solutions block all the holes. It is a constant job to ensure that the water does not push too hard against your walls, causing them to collapse.

The moment that you take your foot off the gas, and neglect the solutions, it will become brittle and crumble, taking you back to square one.

Your systems will fail if they are not upgraded, maintained, and looked after.

Security never stops. It never ends.   Reach out to Alwinco and come into contact with a independent security consultant.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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