Changing Security: What the independent Risk Assessor Can Provide

Our approach in regards to crime and security is vastly different from the norm and scores of other companies strongly oppose the manner in which we conduct our Security Risk Assessment, as it directly contradicts their own and is ultimately proven to be very much more accurate in the long run. Although disagreement can be healthy and opens one’s mind to new things if a diverse idea is equally and duly considered, too many individuals are so set in their ways to even give proper thought to change. It can be presumed that this is a South African trait perhaps, as it appears rather very common and widespread. This is actually unfortunate as security and crime prevention needs to evolve due to the fact that the criminals do so with ease and using old technology or out-dated ideas will no longer suffice. An everyday misconception is that criminals are unintelligent but this is very much off the mark and totally unrealistic.

Picture Credit: Quebec Memes
Picture Credit: Quebec Memes

All too often we have found that when we supply a proposal to a corporate or governmental entity, the company policy requires that 3 quotations be requested before any decisions can be made. This practice could be deemed as very fair in any other field, but not that of security consultancy and risk analysis. In this case such a task can be deemed as impossible. At this stage there are simply no other companies who conduct an independent Security Risk Assessment like we do and those that offer such a service, usually at a much cheaper rate or even for free, are actually providing the client with a Product Assessment. The extra quotes received will not provide the same results as an independent. Regretfully this is only realised too late and after various upgrades and installations have been already completed and paid for.

The problem here is that solutions are usually predetermined. Security cannot be based on guesswork either. The Security Plan and recommendations for security answers can only be developed and be founded upon the findings as revealed by an extensive and in-depth investigation of the security system. All threats and vulnerabilities need to be positively identified, explained in detail and fully understood. A lot of research and sometimes the services of a 3rd party who is a highly trained expert in a specific security area are necessary before the problems within your security can be resolved and advised upon accordingly. Should such specialists be required to be consulted with, we cover all additional costs procured and the initial proposal as presented to our clients is in no way affected.

Furthermore, when considering security, the general consensus is this is just hardware such as an alarm or a CCTV system. No, another myth as there are other elements that are nonphysical that need to be thoroughly examined to gain an accurate overview of one’s overall security status. This is applicable to both the home and any type of business. Product assessments or those based on a point system, have proved to be incorrect in our experience as not all these extenuating factors are reflected on or viewed as an entirety along with the physical elements. Most of these elements are actually not even acknowledged at all. A risk remains a risk and cannot be graded. To ensure that your security status is truthfully analysed and that the recommendations provided are unbiased and based on functionality, it is in your favour to strongly consider a professional and independent assessor.

Written by Andre Mundell

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