Changing Security: What the independent Risk Assessor Can Provide

Independent Security Risk Assessor Our approach to crime and security differs greatly from the norm, and many companies strongly oppose our Security Risk Assessment method. However, our approach has proven to be more accurate in the long run. While healthy disagreement can lead to new ideas, too many individuals are resistant to change.

One could presume that this is a South African trait, as it seems to be quite common and widespread. This is actually unfortunate, as security and crime prevention need to evolve due to the fact that criminals do so with ease and using old technology or outdated ideas will no longer suffice. An everyday misconception is that criminals are unintelligent but this is very much off the mark and totally unrealistic.

Picture Credit: Quebec Memes
Picture Credit: Quebec Memes

Corporate or governmental entities typically seek three quotations before deciding.  A practice suitable for other fields but not for security consulting and risk analysis. Our independent Security Risk Assessment is uncommon, with similar services often offering Product Assessments at reduced rates or for free.

The extra quotes received will not provide the same results as an independent. Unfortunately, stakeholders only realize this too late, after completing and paying for various upgrades and installations.


The problem here is that solutions are usually predetermined. Security cannot be based on guesswork, either.
The Security Plan and recommendations are solely based on findings from an extensive investigation of the security system, which must identify, explain, and fully understand all threats and vulnerabilities.

Extensive research and occasional consultation with highly trained third-party experts in specific security areas are often necessary for addressing and advising on security issues. We cover all additional costs incurred for such specialists, and our initial proposal to clients remains unaffected.

the general consensus

Furthermore, when considering security, the general consensus is that this is just hardware, such as an alarm or a CCTV system.

No, another myth is the notion that there are other nonphysical elements requiring thorough examination to accurately assess overall security status. This applies to both homes and businesses. Product assessments or those based on a point system, in our experience, have proven to be incorrect as they do not consider all extenuating factors alongside physical elements.                                                                                 Read more on independent security risk consultants.

Most assessments do not acknowledge these elements at all. Risks persist as risks and cannot be graded. To ensure truthful analysis of your security status and unbiased, functionality-based recommendations. It is in your favor to strongly consider a professional and independent assessor.

Written by André Mundell Risk assessor For Alwinco.

We carry out security risk assessments for homes, businesses, industrial estates, farms, and other buildings in Gauteng, including Ashton Manor, Bloemfontein, Morningside, and The Glen, Cape town, Pine town ect.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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