Independent Security Consultants

At the heart of our service of the Security Risk Assessment, as Independent Security Consultants, is the need to provide you with accurate advice regarding the what, how, when and where of your individual security needs. We are 100% focused on providing you with up-to-date recommendations for cost effective and highly flexible solutions that are individually tailored to suit your unique security requirements.

ISCSAAs the only Independent Security Consultants in South Africa, we can guarantee that we will provide you with the truth of your physical security status. This is due to the fact that we are not affiliated to any Security Company that sells hardware or services such as guarding contracts or installation of security equipment. Even though we do not provide any of the products or associated security services we can, on your behalf, manage projects and administer security tenders if so required. Additionally we are able to provide training in Security Awareness and in regards to conducting the Security Risk Assessment.

Due to the fact that we are independent and that we are not affiliated to other such companies, we furthermore receive no kickbacks or commission should we recommend a specific product to you. All solutions are purely based on what the security investigation and thorough security audit of the property and other mitigating factors reveal. Any merchandise we suggest as part of the answer is because of what we uncover through extensive and continuous research as part of the unique and professional service we provide to you.

We are all too familiar with the adage: “Money comes and money goes but a reputation lasts forever”. This is why our standing as Independent Security Consultants is much more important to us than simply earning a quick buck. Ultimately we would like to provide you with control of your security through the Security Risk Assessment. We are professionals in the field of security and crime and would love to share our expertise with you.

Written by Andre Mundell

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