A short summary of our services include a full independent Security Risk Assessment of your physical security as well as a Security Plan entailing all the details necessary to achieve the solutions to your unique security situation.

The outcome of the assessment will help you to manage your risks, reduce loss and effectively secure your property. This will enable you to protect your family’s and loved ones living environment and should you be a business owner allow you to protect your staff, your assets and business operations in such a way that all shall remain unhindered.

A Security Risk Assessment consists of many levels that analyse the full area and site. For a residential property your property will be analysed in at least 5 different levels (unless the structure is a complex) and for a business or corporate environment in 7 various levels.

Levels of Risk Assesment

Residential & Corporate Environments:

Level 1 – Thorough and detailed assessment of the neighbourhood and surrounding areas within a 1 km radius.

Level 2 – Assessment of your first line of defence including the perimeter, property line, fencing and walls.

Level 3 – Analysis of the areas between the yard fencing / walls and the building including the garden, courtyard, backyard and parking areas.

Level 4 – Evaluation of the building structure regarding outer security (home / office).

Level 5 – Assessment of inner security of the building structure.

Levels 6 and 7 will apply only to Corporate Environments

Level 6 – Audit of your existing appointed Security Service Provider (Appropriate for residential complexes).

Level 7 – In-depth assessment of corporate management including personal risk and security.

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The day / night factor shall also be investigated and all necessary and ongoing research shall be done accordingly to provide you with the Security Plan. This is a very important step that is often overlooked.

The Security Plan

Once the assessment has been concluded you will be presented with a living document stipulating and explaining all the risks identified as well as the options for solutions detailed within the Security Plan. The plan will show you how to eliminate the threats as revealed within each level.

The very nature of the document being living; means that it will continue to grow. Although we may have concluded the Risk Assessment any new information researched or uncovered will be provided to you in the future ensuring that you remain up-to-date with all relevant matters regarding security. Any questions you may have shall also be responded to in writing so that it may be attached to the assessment for research purposes and re-evaluation at a later stage.

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There are two types of services.

Most of the time, we make use of a project fee. This is calculated by adding all the information that the client supplies into a grid system that uses various variables and other relevant data to get to the pricing structure that we present to the client. This pricing structure is known as the Project Fee. It includes everything from the onset of the Assessment to the delivery of the document.

Larger companies with more than five buildings, departments, or branches spread over South Africa need to be assessed.

Because a Risk Assessment has a longer timeframe, all these buildings or departments cannot be assessed simultaneously. The more buildings that need to be assessed, the more time we need to do it. Hence, we have a retainer option available as this helps with budgeting and planning.

Please note that the retainer option is aimed at larger companies with more than one site that needs to be assessed.

The retainer option is not available for a single project as these projects are completed in a much shorter timeframe.

The timeframe for larger companies is usually spread over six months to a year, which is why a retainer option is viable.

We also have a retainer option for certain Estates. Most Estates will be charged the project fee as it will be done in less than 50 days. However, some Estates qualify for the retainer option due to the size of the problem or if assistance is needed to manage and control the Estate’s security structure. Some Estates do not have a dedicated Security Manager and struggle to convert the written document to the operational and management phase. For these types of Estates, we will charge a project fee to conduct and finalise the Assessment. Then we will go over to a retainer fee to assist with the rollout and implementation of the security solutions and the management thereof.

We are firm believers that a Risk Assessor does not form part of the solution. However, there are times when the company/Estate needs guidance on how to switch to the operational part once they have received the Security Risk Assessment document. This is usually a six month or a year project and is available on a retainer basis.

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Security Awareness Training

We also offer Security Awareness Training. Security Awareness within your corporation can prevent many crimes and is often overlooked despite the value this training will provide to your overall security. Often a company can resolve 70% of their security issues through the correct training of the staff members. With the instatement of the correct policies all inner crime can also be effectively prevented.

Written by Andre Mundell

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