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Triad Chess - 3 Man Chess security risk assessment chess
Triad Chess: 3-Man Chess

Intro: Security Risk Assessment Chess:

We frequently use analogies to explain security and the Security Risk Assessments, as this aids in understanding. One successful analogy is likening it to the unique and complex game of 3-Man Chess or Triad Chess. In traditional chess, a player defends their pawns from attack by a single opponent. Winning requires the correct application of logic and strategy, predicting the opponent’s moves. However, in 3-Man Chess, unexpected strikes are more likely because there are multiple unknowns. The third participant introduces new dimensions to the game, creating several unanticipated intricacies.

Dealing with a criminal poses a significant challenge, especially when the individual is determined and prepared. Furthermore, the criminal actively engages in criminal activities and remains proactive in their actions. As crime is unfamiliar territory for ‘normal’ citizens, our ability to predict the criminal’s next move is hindered.

Factors for security risk assessment: chess.

Factors such as rage, mental instability, alcohol, or military planning by individuals or groups complicate our ability to predict their actions, rendering our defenses ineffective. Without proper insight, our crime prevention efforts are futile, and groups that plan their attacks will prepare for and counteract any defenses accordingly.

Most security systems fail because they lack contingencies to handle these new variables. Criminals exploit the element of surprise and the lack of effective planning by their targets to their advantage. Incorrectly conducted Security Risk Assessment often contribute to this problem by providing inaccurate findings and conclusions. Using a point system can lead to subjective outcomes, as risk cannot be predefined on a low-to-high rating scale.

The independent Security Risk Consultant acts as a “chess guru,” leveraging years of experience and the ability to conduct reverse crime engineering to accurately determine and anticipate the moves of criminals. Even in scenarios involving multiple challengers, the assessor can foresee future actions and effectively deflect them. Read more :Pick one, When it comes to security risk assessment, all clients need to choose between a genuine risk assessment and a cosmetic assessment

Written by André Mundell, Security Risk Assessment Chess.

In Centurion, Bloemfontein, Durban, and Pretoria, among other places in Gauteng, we conduct security risk assessments for residences, companies, industrial estates, farms, and other structures.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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