Vehicle Window Security – AKA Smash & Grab tinting

We always focus on security measures for our homes, businesses, properties, Estates, and so on. However, we seem to neglect vehicle security even though many of us spend most of our time in transit.

Sometimes you will drive alone. Other times, it will be the entire family. Or maybe you are doing the school run to and from school with a bunch of children in your car.

The fact of the matter is that we forget about window security. Although we do not read about “smash & grab” incidents in the news anymore, it does not mean that it’s not happening every day.

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The term “Smash & Grab” is used when a criminal smashes your car window and grabs whatever they can. This includes wallets, handbags, cell phones, jewellery (if they have enough time), and sometimes even small children. Even with mountains of evidence, people still do not believe that human trafficking is real.

These incidents happen in broad daylight, mostly at stop streets or traffic lights, in front of everyone. It is not a “behind the scenes” kind of crime. It happens in the blink of an eye, and these criminals disappear just as fast.

Installing window tinting is the best way to protect yourself from being a victim of “smash & grab” crimes. Although, the right type of film must be used for it to be effective.

There are many types of plastic film available on the market. It is important to know that the power of this film lies in its application. This is what keeps the pieces of the window together when someone smashes it.

According to the risk assessor, if the film is installed like you would paste a sticker on your door, it will not work. It must be installed with a hinge effect to apply the film to the window.

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Yes, the window will still crack, but it will not completely break.

We recommend installing a double layer of the film if you drive around in high-risk areas often. This will provide extra strength.

The first layer will be a 35% tinting film. When this is dry, the second clear layer is installed over the tinted film.

As mentioned, the correct installation of safety film on a window is crucial. It is as important as the security fence at your home.  

Written by Andre Mundell

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