Security Risk Assessment: The Necessity of this Report

The Security Risk Assessment is the first step in taking control of your security

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Recently it came to our attention that the US has begun to make it legislation that the Security Risk Assessment or Threat Assessment as they refer to it, is required before any security installations and upgrades can be sanctioned and put into action. In fact, this is the correct manner and best approach in which security should be addressed as the Security Risk Assessment report will reveal all vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your security status.  Once these potential risks and threats have been positively identified and you aware of them and understand them, the necessary steps can be taken to deal with them appropriately and grant elimination. This is the first step in taking control of your security.


In an ideal world, the Security Risk Assessment should actually be conducted in the initial planning phases and development of a raw site or property. Security would be considered in the architectural design of the structure before construction even commences. All too often many issues in regards to security are actually created simply because a building, an entrance, a door or a gate have just been built wrong. Additional costs are then procured in the future in an attempt to remedy the situation.


Often security is only considered after it is too late and an incident or crime has already occurred. Companies and businesses then allocate huge amounts of money to the problem to either alleviate it temporarily or to have it replaced by a new one, which in turn results in even more over expenditure.  By having your Security Risk Assessment report in hand, you will be able to stabilise such spending as better budget planning is immediately achievable. The independent assessor will provide you with the best advice that has been extensively researched for your unique security situation. All recommendations are generic and focused on functionality as there is no affiliation to any specific brand, product or installation service. In the event that a solution contains a specific hardware or software item, this is purely due to the fact that our studies have indicated this to be the best and most workable option for you. All benefits and shortcomings will be clearly pointed out and explained to ensure that you have the most knowledge available to you in assist in good decision making regarding your security.


Furthermore the solutions provided in the Security Plan are solely based on the outcome and findings as revealed within the extensive investigation phase of the Security Risk Assessment. Security is definitely not guesswork or even a quick and easy checklist or graph to determine risk. Nothing can be predetermined and the examination of your security is done in a variety of levels that are analysed individually, in more than one state and then reviewed as a whole. Too many factors affect others which could result in a negative impact of your overall security status. Moreover, this does not only involve the physical aspects of your security such as hardware and structural layout, but extends over other elements that are often overlooked by other assessors. This is then followed by in-depth, ongoing and active research before the Security Plan may even be formulated within the Security Risk Assessment.

Written by Andre Mundell

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