Prevention is better than cure.(Dead is too late.)

“If you have already killed one person, what difference does it make to kill twenty more?”

When asked why criminals frequently kill their victims at the crime scene, a seasoned offender provided this chilling response. His second answer, even more unnerving, was, “Because we can.”

The introductory statistic is startling: thirty percent of criminals have already committed murder and plan to do so again. These individuals often lack rational thought processes and are driven by rage, hatred, mental illness, or disturbance. Substance abuse can impair their judgement, making them bolder and less cautious.pexels-kampratt-3257717 by . security risk consultants

In some cases,

Offenders are under the influence of “medicine” from witch doctors, leading them to believe they are invisible or invincible.

Such factors significantly impact their behavior and mental state, making these individuals highly unpredictable and dangerous. Standard security measures are often ineffective against them. For example, one offender waved at a CCTV camera before attacking and killing his victim, all captured on video.

Law-abiding citizens generally can’t fathom committing such heinous acts.

However, humans are diverse, and extreme behavior can arise from desperation or delusion. The key to preventing these crimes is to be aware of and in control of your security. Early detection of an intruder gives you more time to react. Once they’re inside, it’s often too late.

An independent security risk assessment can provide the Power and resources needed to prevent such incidents, protecting you, your loved ones, or your staff from becoming yet another statistic. The primary goal of an assessment is to prevent crimes before they happen and raise awareness of security risks, allowing for discussion and action plans. Security risk consultants will be able to explain security risks in great detail, or you can read through your security risk assessment report.

Prevention is better than cure, and it’s definitely too late if you’re dead.

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Written by Andre Mundell, Director of Alwinco.

We have independent security risk consultants available in various cities across South Africa, including Pretoria, Braamfontein, Kyalami, Fourways, Hatfield, Bloemfontein, Bluff, and Bantry Bay.


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Written by Andre Mundell

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