What is ISCSA?

ISCSA (a division of Alwinco) is an Independent Crime Prevention Specialist Organization focused on providing our clients – from residential to corporate and business properties and estates – with workable security solutions to enable them to effectively protect their premises against the threats of crime. Through an assessment concerning your specific and individual risks and weaknesses in your security we will provide you with the means and knowledge to practically be prepared against crime.

Can a Security Company provide me with a Security Risk Assessment?

Unfortunately the answer is NO. These companies will provide you with a Product Assessment though. Think of it like this: Should you ask a restaurant owner where would be the best place to eat; he / she will obviously tell you that his / her restaurant will provide you with the best meal.

Why should a hire an independent Security Risk Assessor?

Due to the fact that we practise independently we are not affiliated to any product, service, installer, manufacturer or vendor. We have no financial interest in the sales or installation of any hardware or services that may be used or recommended. In turn we can provide you with a truthful and professional appraisal of your security. We will provide you a full and detailed Security Plan which will enable you to make the best and most informed decisions to eliminate risk into the future.

Although I have a Security Office / Department – will a Security Risk Assessment still prove beneficial to my company?

Yes, while having a local Security Office / Department and working closely with them will provide you with strength, an independently conducted Security Risk Assessment will open your eyes and will show you all the vulnerabilities and threats present in the state of your security. This knowledge will only empower and strengthen your Security Office / Department through being provided with the best choices to remove the opportunities available to the criminal by the Security Plan.

What is the goal of ISCSA?

Our aim at ISCSA is to provide corporate, business owners, property developers and managers, complex committees, communities and homeowners with the expert knowledge and necessary skills to enable them to be in control of their security. This control and empowerment will allow them to be proactively more crime resistant thereby striking the perfect balance between their current workplace / living routines and their security.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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