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Prevention is better than cure.(Dead is too late.)

“If you have already killed one person, what difference does it make to kill twenty more?” When asked why criminals frequently kill their victims at the crime scene, a seasoned offender provided this chilling response. His second answer, even more unnerving, was, “Because we can.” The introductory statistic is startling: thirty percent of criminals have […]

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Concerns faced in residential estates

Some concerns Independent Security Risk Assessors face Security risk assessment Estate – When conducting Security Risk Assessments for Residential Estates. Residential estate directors or management often forget that security is an interconnected system. For example, the fence connects to the control room, control connects to management, and the gate connects to both the control room

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Service Providers: Their Role in a Security Risk Assessment

Independent security consultants: Service providers play a crucial role across various industries, including security, maintenance, and consulting. This article explores the role of service providers and their interactions with professionals, such as security risk assessors. What is a Service Provider? A service provider can be an individual, a group of people, a company, or a

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A real security solution

Into: Independent Security Risk Consultants. I, André Mundell, want to share a story about security solutions. That highlights the disparity between an independent security risk assessment and one conducted by a security provider. Several years ago, we received a call from a new client facing a troubling pattern. Criminals had seized a guard on the

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A Soft approach to crime doesn’t work.

The widespread lack of awareness Security Risk Consultant: Risk assessments and current crime trends among individuals and property owners are concerning issue. Many rely solely on filtered news and media portrayals for their understanding, which often downplay the harsh realities of criminal activity. This tendency to minimize or sugarcoat crime stems from the misconception that

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Security is Infinite

Independent Security consultant– Security is infinite; it is not something that starts somewhere and stops somewhere. Allow me to explain. When you start a new business, you want to start it and keep it running while it is growing. You do not want to start just to stop a few months later. Anyone who owns

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There is a reason that we say that crime is too late.

Independent security risk assessment: This message is aimed at estates, homeowners, and corporate companies. We have been to many crime scenes where the victims apologize to us and tell us that they never knew about an Independent security risk assessment.  If they only knew about it, things would have been very different. We are all

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