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As a true Independent Physical Security Consultancy (a division of Alwinco), our goal is to secure all properties, both commercial and private against crime. We will positively identify all the threats and vulnerabilities within your security to help you safeguard against becoming a target of crime.

For a crime to occur 3 aspects need to be present namely Desire, Ability and Opportunity.

We cannot affect the desire of the criminal and can only hinder his / her ability by making it more difficult but we can remove the opportunities made available to him / her to commit the crime.

Through reverse criminal engineering we can prevent crime pro-actively by removing all these opportunities.

Meet the Member of our Physical Security Consultancy Team . . .

The concept and the art of reverse crime engineering, and consequently the birth of the Independent Security Risk Assessment was derived, by Andre Mundell. Andre has been involved for close to 30 years in the law enforcement arena, where 21 of these years combined he was Head Investigator and Task Force Manager. Since leaving the employ of the SAPS, Andre became involved in security.

It is during this time that Andre personally investigated many a crime scene and conducted various interviews with all parties – those that were affected by the crime and those that committed them. He began to make connections between all the different cases where similarities could be seen and Andre realised that these crimes could have been prevented had the opportunities for the criminals to commit the act had been removed. The adage “Opportunity Makes the Thief” is actually more true than one realises.

The concept of the assessment is explained in various publications and blogs that Dianne writes. She currently has regular articles placed in the Hi-Tech Security Solutions magazine.

We found that there is a general misconception about the recommendations in a Security Risk Assessment. People often see it as a list of everything they need to purchase and install. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Hello friends! If you like my postings, please help us in the fight against crime by sharing the post. If you do not like the post or disagree with it, please talk to me via email.

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What our does our Independence mean?

By claiming Independence, this entails that we are non-product affiliated or linked to any manufacture, supplier or installer. We do not receive any form of financial gain or commission from any products that we may recommend. Do not expect a Product Assessment.

Due to this fact, we will present you with an unbiased and professional viewpoint concerning the truth of your security situation.

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