The Difference Between an Assessment Conducted By a Security Company and an Independent Security Risk Assessment

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An offer to assess a property has become a mere “money making tool” for Security Companies, vendors and installers. This sort of assessment is not a full Security Risk Assessment but actually a Product Assessment. Solutions are determined according to the assessor’s inventory as the main purpose is to get the end-user to purchase various security items or to sign up for security services. The assessor is, in this case, simply a salesman justifying why his products need to be purchased to fix your security problems. This is why such an assessment is done free of charge or offered at a very low rate.

The downside here is that often a weakness in your security that cannot be remedied by an item in the salesman’s stock could be ignored and never brought to your attention. The salesman can only fix what he can provide for and therefore his knowledge and role as an advisor is somewhat limited. Many have found themselves in the unfortunate position of spending thousands on their security and systems, only to still fall victim of a crime.

The independent Security Risk Assessor on the other hand will ensure that you are provided with the truth concerning your security status. Consequent recommendations and the individually tailored Security Plan are based only on the outcome of an extensive Security Audit and on functionality of the hardware suggested. The role of this assessor is purely advisory and all fixes to your security problems are generic and unbiased, meaning the final choice lies in your hands. You will be in full control of your security and be able to tell the Security Company exactly what you want instead of sitting back and allowing him to decide for you.

An integral part of the responsibilities of the independent Security Risk Consultant is continuous and in-depth research covering the latest releases, technological advances, crime trends and all other pertinent information regarding the trade of security. Should the assessor find that he may not have the answer to a specific problem as revealed by the initial inspection of the property, he will not hesitate to make use of an expert who can provide specialised and expert advice concerning a specific security field. Furthermore any additional costs incurred in the buying in of a specialist is covered by the advisor with no extra charge to the client. The independent Security Risk Consultant goes to great lengths to ensure that you receive the best possible advice and an honest and professional perspective regarding your security.