Understanding the Security Risk Assessment

Product Assessment Vs Independent Risk Assessment

Understanding the Difference Between a Product Assessment as Provided by a Security Company and an Independent Security Consultant An offer to assess the physical security of a property has become a mere “money making tool” and simple sales booster for Security Companies, vendors and installers. This sort of assessment is not a full Security Risk…

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Security Risk in the Workplace

The Importance of Considering Security & Security Risk in the Workplace Too many businesses have neglected to fully consider security in the workplace, and their security risk, due to the fact that that nothing has happened . . . yet. Security is seen as an unnecessary expenditure or a grudge purchase and is therefore usually…

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Independent Business Security Risk Assessment

The Independent Business Security Risk Assessment can be beneficial to the experienced Security Manager Unfortunately many experienced Security Managers either oppose the external, Independent Security Consultant or do not, unfortunately, fully realise the benefits that this professional can actually provide to them through the Independent Business Security Risk Assessment. The assessor is in no means…

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